General Questions

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are 100% made in Australia :) 

Do you test products on animals?

Absolutely not! We believe in animal rights and that animal cruelty should be stopped around the world. 

Are your products safe for vegans?

Yes, we do not use any animal-derived ingredients.

Do you provide discreet packaging?

Although we think there's absolutely nothing wrong in taking care of yourself down there, we do use an additional plain mailer on the outside for 100% guaranteed discreet packaging ;)

What are the shipping times & do you ship internationally?

Please refer to our shipping & delivery section located at the bottom of the page.

Mansack Deodorant

What's the difference with other ball deodorant out there?

We're glad you asked. Mansack Deodorant is naturally formulated and does not contain any harsh chemicals that you do not want on your balls and body! Other deodorants may cause skin irritations or long term underlying impact on your skin that often goes unnoticed.

What does it feel like?

Imagine fresh mints on your balls. Most ball sprays out there contain more aqua (water) than any other ingredients, so they don't really do much besides neutralising odour with a ton of fragrance. Yuck. With Mansack deodorant, you will experience a soothing tingling blast of freshness on your sack, your balls will thank you.

How to use the Mansack Deodorant?

Spray on groin area to eliminate odour. For itch or anti-chafing benefits, spray on to affected area. 

Does it help moisturize sack skin?

Yes, it does! Other sprays often comes out misty which are mainly just a mixture of fragrance and water. We've gone out of our way to ensure Mansack Deodorant is more than just that. It has a stronger, thicker formulation and contains essential oils that soothes and refreshes like no other.

Balls+Body Wash

My product has changed colours, is this normal?

Yes, as we only use natural thickeners and stabilizers in our products, sometimes Balls+Body wash may change in colour depending on the temperature and season as the formulation works to maintain its efficacy as we do not use any nasty colourings or chemicals!

Does it lather well?

Yes, it does! Just make sure that your skin is wet and scrub away! Since we only use natural foaming agents, it's also much more gentle on the skin compared to the typical bottle of wash out there.

How long can the product last?

Balls+Body can last up to 2 years unopened. However, once opened it can last up to 1 year. As we only use naturally derived ingredients, please avoid direct sunlight and store under room temperature.